Yamaha Super Tenere – the bike

15 10 2011


I don’t think any one who read this whole blog is gonna be surprised about this post.
( No where near as surprised as I am that anyone would read the whole blog, that is)

This is a great bike.

Period. End of post.

No kidding, lets see if I can get specific.
First there’s the ass interface.  Every bike I’ve ever owned or ridden for any length of time has been a standard, when it comes to seating position. That means, back straight, feet directly below the knees that are bent at 90 or close to it. Kinda like sitting in a chair, albeit a 100 mph chair.

The Tenere is the same. This seating position is in my opinion the best one for a bike you plan to use for long distance work. Sport bike with a lean forward posture or cruisers with a lean back posture just get uncomfortable after a while. I’m sure others will have other opinions, but they can do it on their own blogs.

The bike it tall, which for me really ads to the comfort,  but is very well balanced, even fully loaded I never had a problem with keeping it under me and under control. Even offroad, although I didn’t do anything to hardcore.

Zero problems, except for the oil light coming on for a minute in the morning once I hit about 5000 miles but I think that was either computer chip telling me to do a service or it was cold weather. either way now that service is done haven’t seen that light.

Long story short, great bike, ride it if you get a chance. Buy it if you can find one. Not mine though, I’m keeping that baby.

Das Boot

4 10 2011


Yeah Yeah… I know that’s a submarine but don’t worry only you and I know that. The rest of these guys think I’m referring to my footwear, which I am so it’s cool.

Combat Touring Boots.
These things are great. After this trip they are just about broken in… they are tough, and really wouldn’t want to have to hike out wearing these, but for a leisurely stroll to look at some scenic overlook they work fine. Bring some moleskin for the first few trips, especially if you’re not used to full height boots and you’ll be fine.

In terms of water proofness, they are water proof right out of the box. 300 miles of downpour on day two or three (I don’t remember which day it was) proved it to me. Eventually I may apply some mink oil, which is my particular favorite leather waterproofing product, but not yet.

The boots provide great support, and I would imagine great protection in the event of a crash, which luckily I avoided.

They are sorta overkill for around town however, and I find myself grabbing my old engineer boots if I’m just going to the corner.

And the other drawback is they they are pretty pricey… so that may keep you from getting them, especially if you’re not going on any around the world trips.

But if you are…..

Here’s where you can get ’em, from my pals at Aerostitch.

Guess who was pissed?

4 10 2011


Dear Yamaha Motors

19 09 2011



This is the single best motorcycle ever made!

“Supposed to give the GS1200 a run for it’s money?” Forget about it, your bike wins hands down, the GS feels like a lawn tool by comparison.

But you gotta fix the name.

No one in the good ‘ol USA is gonna buy a bike named after a desert in Chad, or Nigeria, or wherever it is… no one really knows or cares about the long heritage of the name and that you guys basically invented the whole genre that Honda kinda took over with that Africa Twin
( another naming mistake)

Sorry but heritage is not what sells, image is.

Here’s a tip: Americans are racists! I mean it wasn’t that long ago that church’s were being bombed and poor Medgar Evars got taught a lesson. So face the facts and know your market.

I suggest the name I flipped off a post or two ago: Yamaha SuperT.
Now you could sell the crap out of that. Do it.

Boys on this side, Men over here.

19 09 2011




Now it’s separating time.

After 300 miles or so of steady rain, I find myself 200 miles short  (192.1 miles to be exact) of the thousand miles for an ironbutt.

What will he do? Try this on for size:

100 miles of pouring rain….

18 09 2011


…and there’s still love bugs on the windshield.  Those little guys got some staying power. Someone should make a glue out of them. Or just name a glue …there ya go some more industious person…a free idea for you to exploit.

Standing on the deck of a bar with some cajuns…I have no idea what they are saying !!

location@3:39pm,9/18 http://m.google.com/u/m/zubzl4

Dear crazy driver guy

18 09 2011

location@1:56pm,9/18 Baton Rouge, LA http://m.google.com/u/m/xFTnq3

Just cause you live in the south that don’t make you no NASCAR driver. You missed me… try again.

Start of Day Two

18 09 2011

location@9:22am,9/18 Crestview, FL, USA http://m.google.com/u/m/duLd8E


Secret ingredients:
The “H”.

More details to follow. Aren’t I glamorous?


18 09 2011

The Ténéré (Berber: Tiniri, literally: desert, wilderness) is a desert region in the south central Sahara. It comprises a vast plain of sand stretching from northeastern Niger into western Chad, occupying an area of over 154,440 square miles (400,000 km²). Its boundaries are said to be the Aïr Mountains in the west, the Hoggar Mountains in the north, the Djado Plateau in the northeast, the Tibesti Mountains in the east, and the basin of Lake Chad in the south. The central part of the desert, the Erg du Bilma, is centered at approximately 17°35′N 10°55′E. [1]


The Hooters is actually in Crestview

18 09 2011


And the waitress Taylor is the nicest person I ever met.

She grew up in Niceville down the road ( which could account for her nice-ness, not the town’s name, a joke she hates, but just the small town nature)

Kyle is moving in next week. He’s an army veteran and mixed martial arts competitor with a strong wrestling background, if he gets the other guy on the ground it’s over.

Kyle gave Taylor a fake engagement ring as a promise ring, it turns her finger green sometimes. I couldn’t tell it was fake, she had to explain.

She didn’t say it but she’s clearly in love with him. What do I know kids ( a bit actually) but you should just do it, get married… try it, give it a chance.

PBR makes me all sentimental…