So is it cheating?

17 09 2011


My Location@6:09pm,9/17 2458 SW Us 221, Greenville, FL 32331


After a nice dinner at Denny’s in Georgia where a very nice waitress filled my camelback for me (people tip your waitresses… don’t be cheap either with this silly percentage thing… give em real money, yo) I wandered down some Georgia roads that have led me back to Florida and I10. Is that cheating? Beats me… gonna boogie further west and try to slip by New Orleans tonight without the socially correct visit to the sisters…. Oops..sorry she probably read this…. check ya on the flip side kids… I’m flying solo. ( Well with all of you guys on the interwebs that is)



5 responses

17 09 2011

You are in the clear! Your sister is out of town in Alabama until Sunday night.

17 09 2011

Social pressure lifted…. and it we weighing me down so much….. now I can really haul ass.

17 09 2011

I see you are having a good time, your father gave you the wrong inf. your sister will be going back to New Orleans, after the game, that is finish already in Albama.

19 09 2011

And now I feel bad? ( Use nebbish intonation for full effect)

17 09 2011

Boogie on Mofongo

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