I think she liked it.

23 04 2019

Waiting for Mommy to come home to show her her present.

23 04 2019

And I finally scored one of these icewater cooling vests.

29 10 2018

I’ve been eyeing these babies for years. Search thru my old posts and you’ll see where I first tried to score one. Now I’m making ice blocks in the hopes of a test ride soon.

But funny thing is…. It’s finally got cook around here. Go figure.

Straight from the Netherlands

29 10 2018

Just ordered a MotoWinch from Eastbound.org. Looks promising. I’ll report back.

Look who’s taking the motorcycle riding class.

22 09 2018

It was nice to try…

15 09 2018

…but I like my current ride better. Go figure.

Last day

15 09 2018

Particularly nice sections:

Marsh Creek Road (of course)

Kirker Pass.

Stay away from:

New Mecca Cafe in Pittsburg. Thumbs down.