21 09 2011

Hi Roland,

Sorry we missed you. We don’t have anything to sell you at this time -we are completely out of stock on backpacks and coolers as we just filled a very large order that depleted everything we had. We will have more stock in about a week.

Sorry to disappoint you. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I hope we can help keep you cool and comfortable (in the near future) with a Veskimo Personal Cooling System.

Kurt Jechel
Veskimo Personal Cooling Systems
(877-698-3754) support@veskimo.com

Guess it’s more sweat for me… I’ll order one when I get home the ‘ old fashioned’ way.

Well I wasn’t sure if I was in the right place

21 09 2011


Until I saw the license plate.

When I stopped at xploramoto in Tuscon and had a chat with Rick ( who is as nice in person as on the phone) he told me about veskimo, a personal cooling vest worn by our troops in the desert.

And I’ve been obsessed with getting one…. because not only would it be great to use for the rest of this trip but also because it will make riding in south Florida doable. Assuming it works.

So I went to the address on the internet…. it’s a house on a deadend in a nice neighborhood…. not what I expected… but that’s the internet… you don’t need a big brick and mortar to make money.

Unfortunately, nobody answered the door, and even though the garage was open I wasn’t going to just walk in.

So I sent an email, left a voice mail and went for a breakfast for lunch.

I sure hope they call……

Big Boxes & Tight Shorts

15 09 2011


I struggled with the photo to upload with this post… but decided in the end to use the box picture instead of the alternative.

Two deliveries arrived today. Part one.. the boxes in the photo… my panniers!  And the hardware fears were realized. Missing. A quick phone call to Rick, one more credit card swipe to cover the next day shipping and hopefully the problem is solved. But enough about the boxes.. I’ll put up a picture when the panniers are mounted.. and then stop talking about them hopefully. This is turning into a gear blog.. which was not the idea. Getting on the road might help cure that problem.

Part two : two pairs of LDComfort riding shorts. RW thought the L stood for Little while KB thought it stood for Large. (Nice to know there’s a difference of opinion) But in reality it stands for Long Distance. Google them . Tried them on, I think they are gonna work great. Now you understand the photo dilemma?

Who thinks I should have used the other picture?

Hardware Alert

13 09 2011

So Rick from Xploremoto (the Jessie Luggage dealer) called me today to warn me that my boxes might be missing some hardware…. if they are I’m supposed to call him right away and he’ll send it out…. boxes are supposed to arrive tomorrow…. talk about cutting it close huh?

But I gotta say… that’s pretty good service to call me like that…..  thanks Rick!

We’ll see what the UPS man brings tomorrow.

Just ordered some sweet boxes from: Jesse Luggage Systems

6 09 2011



Their dealer told me they put the factory Yamaha boxes inside!! the 11.5″ Safari model. That’s alot of stuff I can haul.

The other little tidbit I took from that…. Yamaha made the factory boxes!!!!…. and the crash bars, and the skid plate,… and all the other stuff that my (now ex) dealer told me they had “no idea” when they would see…yeah right… just another thing that they didn’t order I’m sure….I blame the same punk a** sales “manager.”

So now I gotta find somewhere else to do the 600 mile break in service… cause I’m not spending any more money with those jokers…. anybody recommend a Yamaha dealer in south Florida? ( That isn’t Broward Motorsports that is)

Also… anyone interested in a set of soft saddlebags from RiderWear? Nothing wrong with them they just didn’t fit the Tenere all that well… let me know via comment… I’m gonna return them otherwise.