Well I wasn’t sure if I was in the right place

21 09 2011


Until I saw the license plate.

When I stopped at xploramoto in Tuscon and had a chat with Rick ( who is as nice in person as on the phone) he told me about veskimo, a personal cooling vest worn by our troops in the desert.

And I’ve been obsessed with getting one…. because not only would it be great to use for the rest of this trip but also because it will make riding in south Florida doable. Assuming it works.

So I went to the address on the internet…. it’s a house on a deadend in a nice neighborhood…. not what I expected… but that’s the internet… you don’t need a big brick and mortar to make money.

Unfortunately, nobody answered the door, and even though the garage was open I wasn’t going to just walk in.

So I sent an email, left a voice mail and went for a breakfast for lunch.

I sure hope they call……



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