78 E is sweet!!

21 09 2011


Kinda forgot why I like motorcycles so much.

Dear Florida ,
Please install some twisties. Perhaps around the garbage mountains.

That’s a picture of a border patrol checkpoint. Your papers please.

location@7:52pm,9/21 http://m.google.com/u/m/BYWA0P

Rescued by Credit Card.

21 09 2011


It’s amazing that everything could hinge on a tiny piece of plastic…

So when I talked to Jeff the repairs guy at Aerostitch he let slip the question: : “you got one of them new zippers?”… which makes me long for one of them ” old zippers”

He patched me thru to Andy.. a customer service manager guy… here’s what I proposed to Andy..( by the way why do I keep running into Andys? MANCHESTER!) … send me a new suit overnight and I’ll wait for it…. he said he’d have to check on that and call me back…(good move the check in/call back..I like it)

Ring ring…no dice… they’ll warranty repair it no problem..even cover the shipping there and back… but  no new  suit.

So off I go to Escondido, where Rick and Steve sell me not just a new BMW Ralley jacket and some neat pants that convert to shorts…but also a new set of skins…K60s ( those are tires for the uninitiated.)

So off I go.. headed to the Salton Sea. And then back to plan a (or am I on b?)

Oh and the guys were great at the Beemer dealer, of course they understand wacky traveler types and got me right in.

Steve even gave me a t shirt at the end…. nice . (But only after I told him about the blog… so that’s cheating I guess… but I bet he’ll give you a shirt if you set your cc on fire too)

Wait now..forgot the best part… they are gonna ship, not just my Battlewings home, but my sweaty suit too! Now that is good sales work guys.  Keep it up and we’ll be out of these economic troubles in no time..Yes people, sales guys are our saviors.. do it guys, we need your help!

location@5:45pm,9/21 Ramona, CA 92065 http://m.google.com/u/m/dlg849

Next Stop…

21 09 2011


Vegas Baby!!…via Mojave and Death Valley…

Let’s go.


21 09 2011

Hi Roland,

Sorry we missed you. We don’t have anything to sell you at this time -we are completely out of stock on backpacks and coolers as we just filled a very large order that depleted everything we had. We will have more stock in about a week.

Sorry to disappoint you. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I hope we can help keep you cool and comfortable (in the near future) with a Veskimo Personal Cooling System.

Kurt Jechel
Veskimo Personal Cooling Systems
(877-698-3754) support@veskimo.com

Guess it’s more sweat for me… I’ll order one when I get home the ‘ old fashioned’ way.

Well I wasn’t sure if I was in the right place

21 09 2011


Until I saw the license plate.

When I stopped at xploramoto in Tuscon and had a chat with Rick ( who is as nice in person as on the phone) he told me about veskimo, a personal cooling vest worn by our troops in the desert.

And I’ve been obsessed with getting one…. because not only would it be great to use for the rest of this trip but also because it will make riding in south Florida doable. Assuming it works.

So I went to the address on the internet…. it’s a house on a deadend in a nice neighborhood…. not what I expected… but that’s the internet… you don’t need a big brick and mortar to make money.

Unfortunately, nobody answered the door, and even though the garage was open I wasn’t going to just walk in.

So I sent an email, left a voice mail and went for a breakfast for lunch.

I sure hope they call……

Day 5

21 09 2011


Just met Andy..paramedic from Wisconsin in the middle of his Alaska to Argentina motorcycle trip…on a 125 something or another.. truth is I didn’t have enough coffee in my blood to be standing much less conversing with a fellow nut.

Ride on Andy!!!!!

location@9:45am,9/21 http://m.google.com/u/m/zVnF6G