Big Boxes & Tight Shorts

15 09 2011


I struggled with the photo to upload with this post… but decided in the end to use the box picture instead of the alternative.

Two deliveries arrived today. Part one.. the boxes in the photo… my panniers!  And the hardware fears were realized. Missing. A quick phone call to Rick, one more credit card swipe to cover the next day shipping and hopefully the problem is solved. But enough about the boxes.. I’ll put up a picture when the panniers are mounted.. and then stop talking about them hopefully. This is turning into a gear blog.. which was not the idea. Getting on the road might help cure that problem.

Part two : two pairs of LDComfort riding shorts. RW thought the L stood for Little while KB thought it stood for Large. (Nice to know there’s a difference of opinion) But in reality it stands for Long Distance. Google them . Tried them on, I think they are gonna work great. Now you understand the photo dilemma?

Who thinks I should have used the other picture?

Hardware Alert

13 09 2011

So Rick from Xploremoto (the Jessie Luggage dealer) called me today to warn me that my boxes might be missing some hardware…. if they are I’m supposed to call him right away and he’ll send it out…. boxes are supposed to arrive tomorrow…. talk about cutting it close huh?

But I gotta say… that’s pretty good service to call me like that…..  thanks Rick!

We’ll see what the UPS man brings tomorrow.

Time for break in service

10 09 2011


Just shy of the 600 mile mark..gonna let Bill at Riva Motor Sports do the job…. he just started the job… hopefully I’ll have nothing but good news when he’s done. ( Capt. John did warn me away from Riva…. but the idea of riding down to Hialeah???? Nope… I’ll try em out instead.)

Down to the wire now almost…only 5 days left to prep … hopefully those Jessie boxes get here in time….( anybody know the emoticon for fingers crossed?)


1 09 2011


Here’s a picture from my test trip down to Key Largo. Strapped to the back is all my scuba gear. ( Minus tank of course) The bike rides like a dream. Hot as crap in my Areostich. That suit’s not quite Florida proof.

This is also a test of blog post from my phone. How’s it look?