Time for break in service

10 09 2011


Just shy of the 600 mile mark..gonna let Bill at Riva Motor Sports do the job…. he just started the job… hopefully I’ll have nothing but good news when he’s done. ( Capt. John did warn me away from Riva…. but the idea of riding down to Hialeah???? Nope… I’ll try em out instead.)

Down to the wire now almost…only 5 days left to prep … hopefully those Jessie boxes get here in time….( anybody know the emoticon for fingers crossed?)



One response

10 09 2011
George F

Hey, nice looking bike 🙂 you were visiting my blog and left a comment, thanks.
I got my service done after the first week, paid the dealer because they are really nice. I had originally ordered a black one and about 2 months later changed to blue, somehow either he didn’t submit the change to Yamaha or Yamaha messed up but when he called saying the bike had arrived I was surprised to see the black, oh well, I wasn’t upset at all, “Raven” was what I had originally ordered, I’m really happy with it. Already put a bunch of Altrider parts, check back on the blog soon for the pics.

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