21 09 2011


My zipper broke!!

And if you know anything about the Aerostitch it’s all about the zipper.

Happened to be a shoe repair shop next door to Molly’s where I had just eaten.. he guessed it would cost about 125 bucks to replace zipper and he’d have to order parts.. so that’s a nope.

Called Aerostitch to see if they had a solution but the message says they are in a weekly staff meeting and to call back in an hour… in the meantime… I’m gonna find somewhere to get a replacement of some kind…

Darn… just when this thing was getting broken in…it broke….


Time for break in service

10 09 2011


Just shy of the 600 mile mark..gonna let Bill at Riva Motor Sports do the job…. he just started the job… hopefully I’ll have nothing but good news when he’s done. ( Capt. John did warn me away from Riva…. but the idea of riding down to Hialeah???? Nope… I’ll try em out instead.)

Down to the wire now almost…only 5 days left to prep … hopefully those Jessie boxes get here in time….( anybody know the emoticon for fingers crossed?)