Yamaha Super Tenere – the bike

15 10 2011


I don’t think any one who read this whole blog is gonna be surprised about this post.
( No where near as surprised as I am that anyone would read the whole blog, that is)

This is a great bike.

Period. End of post.

No kidding, lets see if I can get specific.
First there’s the ass interface.  Every bike I’ve ever owned or ridden for any length of time has been a standard, when it comes to seating position. That means, back straight, feet directly below the knees that are bent at 90 or close to it. Kinda like sitting in a chair, albeit a 100 mph chair.

The Tenere is the same. This seating position is in my opinion the best one for a bike you plan to use for long distance work. Sport bike with a lean forward posture or cruisers with a lean back posture just get uncomfortable after a while. I’m sure others will have other opinions, but they can do it on their own blogs.

The bike it tall, which for me really ads to the comfort,  but is very well balanced, even fully loaded I never had a problem with keeping it under me and under control. Even offroad, although I didn’t do anything to hardcore.

Zero problems, except for the oil light coming on for a minute in the morning once I hit about 5000 miles but I think that was either computer chip telling me to do a service or it was cold weather. either way now that service is done haven’t seen that light.

Long story short, great bike, ride it if you get a chance. Buy it if you can find one. Not mine though, I’m keeping that baby.



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