How did it end up blue?

1 09 2011

“I thought you ordered a black one?”

Everybody that I had told about my new bike asked me the same question. Followed by “I like it in blue.”

I agree with them, I also like it in blue. But the fact is, I did order it in black. Why didn’t I get black?

Well the schmuck at Broward Motorsports who calls himself a sales manager ordered the wrong color. I’m a pretty patient person but after waiting almost 11 months for the bike I just couldn’t believe it when I went back to the shop area and saw that it was blue. And this bozo could not have been more of a jerk about it: “Well we’ll just give you your deposit back, I got three people who will run in here to buy that bike, and I have no idea when you’d get a black one.”

Zack, my sales guys was great, as was the general manager of the place and they both talked me down, and told me I had as much time as I wanted to think about it. Eventually I resorted to asking a cute girl for advice. I got the blue one.

My advice to you readers: if the dude is sporting a faux-hawk, well maybe that’s a pretty good sign that he’s not really manager material? I mean mommy stopped taking me to the barber shop quite a while ago. Make sure the people you have to deal with when you’re buying something, other than a tattoo or a good craft beer, have got adult haircuts.