How did it end up blue?

1 09 2011

“I thought you ordered a black one?”

Everybody that I had told about my new bike asked me the same question. Followed by “I like it in blue.”

I agree with them, I also like it in blue. But the fact is, I did order it in black. Why didn’t I get black?

Well the schmuck at Broward Motorsports who calls himself a sales manager ordered the wrong color. I’m a pretty patient person but after waiting almost 11 months for the bike I just couldn’t believe it when I went back to the shop area and saw that it was blue. And this bozo could not have been more of a jerk about it: “Well we’ll just give you your deposit back, I got three people who will run in here to buy that bike, and I have no idea when you’d get a black one.”

Zack, my sales guys was great, as was the general manager of the place and they both talked me down, and told me I had as much time as I wanted to think about it. Eventually I resorted to asking a cute girl for advice. I got the blue one.

My advice to you readers: if the dude is sporting a faux-hawk, well maybe that’s a pretty good sign that he’s not really manager material? I mean mommy stopped taking me to the barber shop quite a while ago. Make sure the people you have to deal with when you’re buying something, other than a tattoo or a good craft beer, have got adult haircuts.



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21 12 2014

Hello, it took me 2 times to fully read/view your site. Enjoyed it much. You seem to be a positive person and you and your Gal seem to be a great pair! I never found your name with all the reading, but my name is Mike from just south of Ft. Worth, Texas.
I bought the 2014 Matte Grey XT1200Z Super Tenere’. I agree with you on the ride comparison to the BMW R1200GS $18,500, the S10 is smooth and agile imho. Some wine about the less power, but I use the ‘touring mode instead of sport mode. Sport mode is like riding a crotch rocket. I’m 55 yrs old and no longer a ‘thrill seeker’. My bike has everything it has, less the skid plate (I’m going with the Alt Rider because it’s 1mm thicker and slightly better overall coverage), but my bike has the grip protectors/bark busters and cruise control that BMW doesn’t even offer except on the R1200GS Adventure $26,000 plus. BMW parts are 30-40% higher in cost and there’s a Yamaha dealer pretty much everywhere (2 miles from my home) unlike BMW. I got my bike 2 months ago @ the end of the year (2025 miles already) for $12,999.oo. I’m 100% satisfied.
Question, does having the cylinder heads sticking straight out both side of a bike provide some kind of benefit? LOL. I love German technology but stumble over this issue.
I was born @ The Good Samaritan Hospital in West Palm Beach and my mom lives in The Villages near Lady Lake Fla. If you ever get out this way, please email me and I’ll ride with you my Friend.

21 12 2014

Hi Mike, thanks for reading. Hoping to add more adventurers on the bike soon and add to the blog. As for the BMW, I’ve ridden them, they are fine machines. I don’t think anyone can deny that. But for me they just don’t pull on the old heart strings. Ride on, and keep the shiny side up. (Does that apply in your case with your matt black bike? … well you know what I mean)

21 12 2014

Oh, I wasn’t gifted with recognizing the obvious I spose, Hello Zack! LOL!
Mike DFW Texas

21 12 2014

Nope, not Zack.

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