Dear Yamaha Motors

19 09 2011



This is the single best motorcycle ever made!

“Supposed to give the GS1200 a run for it’s money?” Forget about it, your bike wins hands down, the GS feels like a lawn tool by comparison.

But you gotta fix the name.

No one in the good ‘ol USA is gonna buy a bike named after a desert in Chad, or Nigeria, or wherever it is… no one really knows or cares about the long heritage of the name and that you guys basically invented the whole genre that Honda kinda took over with that Africa Twin
( another naming mistake)

Sorry but heritage is not what sells, image is.

Here’s a tip: Americans are racists! I mean it wasn’t that long ago that church’s were being bombed and poor Medgar Evars got taught a lesson. So face the facts and know your market.

I suggest the name I flipped off a post or two ago: Yamaha SuperT.
Now you could sell the crap out of that. Do it.



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