Does anyone remember these things?

3 10 2011


This is sort of a rant I think, but it’s really a sales pitch, for a way of traveling, and ultimately, I guess, for a way of being. And when I say sales pitch, I’m selling me more than anyone else.

It’s a philosophy I call: letting the bike decide.

Assuming you have the time on a trip and you’re not needing to be at point a by time x, then don’t plan anything, just ride. Go.

I have found this works on simple one day rides too, where pretty much all I choose is a starting north, south, east or west ( not much east in my current geographical situation, but you get the idea) then you just ride. You’ll find the best roads, see the coolest stuff, meet the most interesting characters. You just do.

So throw those maps away, don’t highlight a route, and don’t even get me started on GPSs ( which never ever ever will direct you to the ” right” road.)

Just ride, be ready and open to what you find. Go with it. You surfer dudes know what I’m talking about, cause you’re cool.

This guy does a good job of explaining what a triptik is (was?) for you guys that don’t remember ( or maybe you’re from Bulgaria?   😉  )



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