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4 10 2011


You guys like my ramblings you should sign up for Tom’s pic of the week. He usually gives us funny stories in addition to some nice pictures he’s taken.



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4 10 2011

Though I’m not all cool with the WordPress updated on the fly. Epic trip, Roland. My mom still sends me TripTix when I’m hitting the road. Classic. Just follow the fake yellow highlighter…

Anyway, my thing is just an e-mail I send out with a link to a weekly pic I’ve taken. With a one year old, I don’t get to take as many pics as I’d like. My TripTix lead me from the Bin of Diapers through the Valley of Strewn Blocks. And being in graduate school, I don’t have much time to be funny.

If you’re still interested, send me an e-mail:

Thanks for the ride, Roland!
Tom 🙂

4 10 2011

Awww…don’t be all shy there, Daddy man. Your pictures are inspiring. Makes a guy wanna go do things, look at stuff.

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