My verdict on the Wunderlicht Tobinator:

7 06 2014


It does exactly what it’s supposed to and it does it well.

Rode up to Orlando and back at the beginning of the week and tried it in a number of different positions until I found the right one to eliminate that little bit of buffeting that the standard windscreen height always caused. For me that sweet spot was as far up as the bracket allowed and as far back. There was an added benefit in the hot humid Florida summer.. extra ventilation under the screen that felt kinda nice at speed.

For reference I’m 6`0` and the seat height is in the tallest position also.

I tried it in other positions as well and none were bad but the tallest worked to best do far.

Hopefully this last point is obvious to all you riders but I did all the adjustment during stops. The brackets do not lend themselves to adjusting while moving…besides you gotta pay attention.

One last special thanks to the love bugs and the hour of torrential rain on the way up..Thanks for keeping me on my toes nature.



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