Installing aftermarket windscreen adjustment brackets

26 04 2014


Here’s what you start with:


When I first got the bike I tried to move the windscreen to the higher position as I thought that’s what the second set of holes were for. Didn’t work for me, so this aftermarket bracket is hopefully going to help the buffeting I feel at the very top of my helmet.

First step is fitting the two halves of the bracket together. The instructions leave much to be desired on that but I managed to figure it out while being laid out on the couch passing a kidney stone the past couple of days. Sorry no photos on how the two parts fit but if you can’t figure it out shoot me a line.

Here’s the two bracket half’s ready to install:


the flip side:


Pretty simple after that. Take off windscreen:


Install one side:


Then the other side:


Then mount the windscreen back on. I found it helpful to leave the bracket adjustment knobs loose so the holes could all align.


All in all it was pretty simple installation. I’ll take it for a ride later and let you know how it behaves. If you have questions send me a comment.



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