So thanks to Fancy Hands

25 09 2011


I have an appointment on Monday with Mike at Marin Motorcycle Works. He’s got a set of Battlewings in just my size. He would have stayed late for me today but its his mother’s 50th, so he has to go. And Sunday is his only day off.

Actually, he’s not even technically open on Monday but he says he’s got so much work that he’s coming in and he’ll do my change for me.. swell.

He’ll even see about shipping these K60s home for me so I can finish wearing them out then.

So tomorrow it’s gonna be about beekeeping and other urban pastoral pastimes.

Tonight, after an awesome dinner at Flour and Water in SF, I’m doing my tiny load of laundry in a giant washer….then ….bring on some beer boys, cause we ain’t riding far tomorrow.

Wait, what? Haven’t heard of Fancy Hands? Well, my my you’re in for a treat…check out  If you want to sign up use this link so I get credit:



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