An Experiment

25 09 2011



Ok, so lets say I told you that you had to condense your whole life, all your stuff, into a box. Now lets set aside the exact size of that box for now, and lets assume that there are certain things, like food and water that, unlike some people in this world, you’ll have ready access to so you don’t need to take up precious box space for those things. So now you have to pick only the things that you ” need” and fit them in. Now the box is small so you’re gonna have to leave some stuff behind, it’s not gonna be an easy choice for somethings, but there isn’t room for everything… now live out of that box, or pack, or car, or shopping cart…now here’s the experiment’s hypothesis: there will come a point where you say to yourself “I really don’t need half this stuff I’m lugging around” and you’ll start to get rid of even more stuff and your box will get smaller, and smaller until the clothes on your back and what fits in your pockets seems like enough, and then even half that stuff will seem extravagant.

Or maybe I’m wrong, I mean I’m thumb typing on a tiny smart phone computer, so what kind of a minimalist am I really?



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