So now I get it Dualsport Adventure Bike Guys

28 09 2011




So I’m drinking coconut juice at a little pee stop in Colorado when this dualsport guy comes over to chat… he’s doing a few days on the Pacific Crest trail  ( I think that’s what he said)
” you should take that road right over there over the Marshall Pass.
I didn’t even realize it wasn’t paved until I started… well 30 some miles later I can say I’ve climbed a mountain on a motorcycle. The Super T was a champ, I’m getting good, and now I’m thinking about diverting and doing this trail of this dudes.
Truth is a Honda CRV could have made the pass and really any motorcycle short of a busa. But having the right set up made it both funner and faster.
Forget the desert, I’m climbing me some mountains.



4 responses

28 09 2011

I don’t know why you would ever come home. Trip looks great!

28 09 2011

Only to pay for it. 😉

28 09 2011

Been following your ride. Sounds like it’s been epic. Talk to you soon.

28 09 2011

Epic? Dats a good word.

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