Ta go…

27 09 2011


Having bfast at the bar near my shack, girl comes in orders a double shot of vodka, a shot of Jack and a Milwaukee’s best…all to go! It’s 9am.

I made the joke…” that’s three out of the four food groups. Ice would be the 4th but you’re probably on a diet” “she don’t need no diet”, says the bartender.

Same bartender recommended 722. The road between Middlegate Station and Austin NV.

Wow. Great road. The right combo of twisties, sweepers and 105mph straight aways. All thru some beautiful barren high desert. Temps in the 70s.

Oil light came on for a second. Levels are ok…probably the early morning cold and my 20/50 oil for hot weather. We’ll keep an eye on it.



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