Lonely Road, Lively Bar

26 09 2011




So I’m talking with Mike from Marin Moto Works after he finished my tire change and his visiting mom (it was her birthday and that was the reason that Mike couldn’t work on Sunday… happy birthday Mike Mom…great chatting!) and Mike mentions that I must ride highway 50. The stretch thru Nevada is known as the loneliest road in America.

So here I am about half a tank down the road where I stopped for gas and ended up stopping for the night.

“Get me some more of them cups” says the cook to the guy with the cowboy hat who must be the proprietor.

“Ahhh you made me get up and stagger”, he shouts back as he gets him the cups.

BTW: if you live in the Bay Area or are traveling thru and need a bike guy go see Mike. He’s the real deal, not like the guys at one shop that I called on Saturday, that had the tire but refused to work on the bike because it was the wrong brand. Said the Poindexter on the phone: it’s a liability thing, we’re only authorized to work on BMWs.  Really? For a tire? Puleeeese.

Anyway see Mike, tell him bluetenere guy sent ya. Ask him how is Mom is doing.

location@8:05pm,9/26 http://m.google.com/u/m/duRlUT



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