Ok so here’s a good story…

22 09 2011


Stopped to eat in Westmoreland. Really just picked the restaurant because it was across the road from a motel.

(Thank you Google maps!!! The whole internet is freaking amazing!! Remember dial up? )

Anyways this place is called THE ORIGINAL TOWN PUMP.

Being the smart ass I am I asked Lauren why it was called original… like could there be two town pumps?  Well lo and behold out comes this gem and Gabriel the owner comes over to reinforce the story…

Turns out the guy that Gabriel had running the restaurant ran it into the ground… it’s been here for years.. owned by Gabriel’s family.. used to be called The Town Pump.

So this guy goes off and opens The Town’s Pump, and steals the phone number to boot!

But Gabriel does a fast refit of the place and in one month reopens as “the original”

Take that!

But even better he discovers that people are calling his old phone number and making reservations (huh?) at the Town’s Pump, but showing up at the Original, cause this is where it’s always been…ha…but there’s more…

The phone lady got mad at what apostrophe guy did and helped Gabe get 344-FOOD for a phone number….

Plus tomorrow Gabe’s beer and wine ticket comes in which this other guy can’t get cause he has a felony ( but claims to not serve alcohol for religious reasons…but now we know the truth) and once The Original Town Pump has that??? Forget about it The Town’s Pump..is over..

Oh, and that’s not ice cream…thats butter.



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15 12 2012
Marie Thombson

& u believe everything he told you?! Wow!

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