Durn deer

19 09 2011


Spent the last fifty miles dodging deer, both alive and dead. Luckily I didn’t turn any from one state to the other (in either direction)

So I gave up, guess I’m a boy after all. If this Rick Perry schmuck can’t even control the deer population……

I was thinking of buying a billboard in the middle of Texas somewhere and putting up this message: Dear Texas, please keep your governors to yourselves, we’ve had enough.

So it’s hammock time at the rest stop, doesn’t look like I’ll get rousted from this place, I’m under a picnic enclosure which is good if it rains but the light overhead is kinda annoying.

Nite nite kids.

One more question: why does everybody talk so weird? How about they start teaching diction in public school? In just a few years we could get rid of this silly southern accent… come on people… just talk normal…(you know ivory tower east coast elitist style..like on TV) stop with the ya’lls and the reckons, sheesh. Sorry but you sound dumb

End rant



One response

19 09 2011

Hey, I’ll drop my y’alls when you stop saying yo.

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