And the winner is……

19 09 2011



Today I become the first Puerto Rican Ironbutt award reciepient *see disclaimers below.

1000 miles in under (just under) 24 hours.

That Super T sure likes triple digits  😉

1. I’m certain I’m not the first Puerto Rican.
2. I’m not Puerto Rican.
3. I’m not actually getting an award because it means paperwork on my part and I hate that shit.
4. By triple digits I mean to say “my motorbike handles very nicely when I stay below the legal speed limits, officer”

Ok… lets get some eggs and bacon!



2 responses

19 09 2011

Good job!
I know for sure you are not Puertorican. You are from Miami.
How come I am not getting the link for the map for the last 3 messages?

19 09 2011

Technical difficulties… couldn’t get a sat-fix on the map… so I skipped it….. didn’t it do a good job of creating drama: where is he?????

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