10 09 2018


5 09 2018

Waaaaaaaay to much money to ship it now. Looks like I’m humping it in on the plane.

Packing up the gear to ship it to California

5 09 2018

Fun mini vacation next week on a rental bike. I’m taking the easy route and shipping out all my gear.

Breaking in my newest boots.

12 08 2018

150 miles, two stops to de-bug.

Then came …

16 03 2017

Honda Africa Twin. 

Owned it concurrently with the VMAX. Rode it down Baja to Cabo San Lucas. Sold that Yamaha but still have this Honda stashed away. 

Second bike

16 03 2017

Yamaha VMAX. Woo hoo. I called it my speeding ticket machine. 

My First BikeĀ 

16 03 2017

This was a Honda Nighthawk 750 aka CB750. Rode it all over California. Totaled it on the highway between Oakland and San Jose when that lady changed lanes into me. Bike was history but I was just fine.

Smallest Post Office

7 12 2016

Short stop here to rendezvous with the world renowned Skunk Ape hunter.

My verdict on the Wunderlicht Tobinator:

7 06 2014


It does exactly what it’s supposed to and it does it well.

Rode up to Orlando and back at the beginning of the week and tried it in a number of different positions until I found the right one to eliminate that little bit of buffeting that the standard windscreen height always caused. For me that sweet spot was as far up as the bracket allowed and as far back. There was an added benefit in the hot humid Florida summer.. extra ventilation under the screen that felt kinda nice at speed.

For reference I’m 6`0` and the seat height is in the tallest position also.

I tried it in other positions as well and none were bad but the tallest worked to best do far.

Hopefully this last point is obvious to all you riders but I did all the adjustment during stops. The brackets do not lend themselves to adjusting while moving…besides you gotta pay attention.

One last special thanks to the love bugs and the hour of torrential rain on the way up..Thanks for keeping me on my toes nature.

Installing aftermarket windscreen adjustment brackets

26 04 2014


Here’s what you start with:


When I first got the bike I tried to move the windscreen to the higher position as I thought that’s what the second set of holes were for. Didn’t work for me, so this aftermarket bracket is hopefully going to help the buffeting I feel at the very top of my helmet.

First step is fitting the two halves of the bracket together. The instructions leave much to be desired on that but I managed to figure it out while being laid out on the couch passing a kidney stone the past couple of days. Sorry no photos on how the two parts fit but if you can’t figure it out shoot me a line.

Here’s the two bracket half’s ready to install:


the flip side:


Pretty simple after that. Take off windscreen:


Install one side:


Then the other side:


Then mount the windscreen back on. I found it helpful to leave the bracket adjustment knobs loose so the holes could all align.


All in all it was pretty simple installation. I’ll take it for a ride later and let you know how it behaves. If you have questions send me a comment.