Just shy…

17 09 2011


Of 700 miles… just shy of getting out of Florida for the second time in one day.. resting at the rest stop…. in one of my hammocks, yes I brought two, afterwards I’ll decide go or stay…..


My new favorite answers:

17 09 2011


Roland Ochoa’s location@7:39pm,9/17 Florida http://m.google.com/u/m/zQewcY

Q:Aren’t you hot:
A:You tell me, Mamn
A:I don’t know, ask your wife.

Q: How far you going?
A:All the way.

Q: Why you doing this?
A: Why aren’t you?

Q:Are we there yet?
A:Shut up voices!!! …..Do DoDoDo DoDo Do Dooo……….

So is it cheating?

17 09 2011


My Location@6:09pm,9/17 2458 SW Us 221, Greenville, FL 32331 http://m.google.com/u/m/ww17EY


After a nice dinner at Denny’s in Georgia where a very nice waitress filled my camelback for me (people tip your waitresses… don’t be cheap either with this silly percentage thing… give em real money, yo) I wandered down some Georgia roads that have led me back to Florida and I10. Is that cheating? Beats me… gonna boogie further west and try to slip by New Orleans tonight without the socially correct visit to the sisters…. Oops..sorry she probably read this…. check ya on the flip side kids… I’m flying solo. ( Well with all of you guys on the interwebs that is)

You Gonna Get Gas?

17 09 2011


So the guy who I will refer to as The NonBuddha asks : You gonna get gas?
( This is after waiting in his big ol pickup truck behind me at the last fuel stop… where I had not dismounted but I was checking in on Google latitude because I’m so hip)

I knew what he was saying in his passive aggressive pushy-ness. I’m sure he’s used to bossing around his children and his wife. He probably has some poor coworker or employee that he uses his sarcastic pretend politeness on to bully his way thru life. If he had been straight forward…” dude move your bike while you txt I’m in a hurry for my heart attack” Then I would have moved – no problem.

But you know me, right?

Here’s the full exchange:

The NonBuddha: You gonna get gas?

Me: I just did. ( Continue to play with internet)

The NonBuddha: Well I’d like to get some.

( a few more editorial comments : he’s sitting in AC, I haven’t been there anywhere near how long it will take the NonBuddha to pump his giant gas tank…I only hold 4 gallons ( plus one more in reserve) Plus how does this guy know I’m not texting my sick wife or something )

Transcript continues:
Me: ( calmly) isn’t there another pump open? ( Eye contact established by me for the first time)

The NonBuddha: no

….. insert pause…..

At which point the “mom” at the pump on the other side says: “you can use this one, we’re leaving.”

I’m sure that is the conciliatory role she plays with her annoying American male as sure as I also am that the NonBuddha has an equally enabling wife in his life ( because otherwise he would have learned by now how to talk to people instead of being all pushy and indirect at the same time… I’m bet this guys kids just “love” him…. or he wouldn’t have made it this far thru his life.

What’s the lesson? Beats me… maybe you know.

PS: this is the kind of thing you obsess about inside your helmet for a few hundred miles until something else displaces the thought… and in my case it’s some Do DoDoDo DoDoDo  Do Dooo  song that I’ve been singing for the past hour non stop. ( Guess the song from that clue and you win a prize)

Challenge met.

17 09 2011


Roland Ochoa’s location@3:53pm,9/17 Georgia http://m.google.com/u/m/dN5qRS

First time off bike… is outside of FL.

Buns were just starting to burn..

Fuel stop number one. Murder attempt number one..

17 09 2011


My Location@11:55am,9/17 Florida’s Turnpike, North Okeechobee, FL 34972 http://m.google.com/u/m/dqdKiQ

Attempt number one..@116 miles.. lady in a white SUV…I wonder if I should have installed that super loud truck horn I left sitting on my coffee table?

No getting off the bike fuel stop was a success.

And away we go…


17 09 2011

location@9:42am,9/17 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, USA, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA http://m.google.com/u/m/xL1VJ4

One more beach bfast

17 09 2011


Then I’m hitting it.

Challenge number 1: when my ass hits the saddle I will not get off the bike until I am outside of the long state Florida. Can I do it?

Not leaving till the morning.

16 09 2011

Bike packed.
Need more socks.. the road will provide…. tomorrow.

Big Boxes & Tight Shorts

15 09 2011


I struggled with the photo to upload with this post… but decided in the end to use the box picture instead of the alternative.

Two deliveries arrived today. Part one.. the boxes in the photo… my panniers!  And the hardware fears were realized. Missing. A quick phone call to Rick, one more credit card swipe to cover the next day shipping and hopefully the problem is solved. But enough about the boxes.. I’ll put up a picture when the panniers are mounted.. and then stop talking about them hopefully. This is turning into a gear blog.. which was not the idea. Getting on the road might help cure that problem.

Part two : two pairs of LDComfort riding shorts. RW thought the L stood for Little while KB thought it stood for Large. (Nice to know there’s a difference of opinion) But in reality it stands for Long Distance. Google them . Tried them on, I think they are gonna work great. Now you understand the photo dilemma?

Who thinks I should have used the other picture?